To ensure quality and effective development of higher education subsector policy and resource mobilisation for enhanced access and equity.


To provide inputs in developing, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing implementation of Higher Education policies;
To initiate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Ministry’s Higher Education development plan, programmes and projects;
To catalyze the development of world class higher education including advising on the alignment of higher education to the developmental needs of the society;
To liaise with the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and other professional bodies development of quality and relevant higher education related skills-sets in the country;
To liaise with the Inter University Council for East Africa and other regional bodies and thereby promote and sustain Regional Integration and International Cooperation on Higher Education; and
To promote public awareness on functions and roles of Higher Education subsector.
This Division will be led by a Director and will have two (2) Sections as follows:-

Higher Education Coordination Section; and
Higher Education Development Section


Higher Education Coordination Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

Analyse, translate, facilitate operationalization, monitor, evaluate and advise on the implementation of the Education and Training Policy as well as Higher Education National Development Programme;
Provide inputs in developing various education policies on Higher Education including its financing;
Analyse, translate and facilitate operationalization of the East African Community Treaty, its Protocols and Annexes as well as other regional and international instruments on higher education;
In collaboration with higher education stakeholders, organise or oversee the organisation of the Annual Higher Education Forum;
Promote public awareness on Higher Education opportunities, cost sharing, loan recovery, financing and investments policies, strategies, and action plans;
Initiate, develop and maintain cultural and development links and agreements on Higher Education;
Initiate, develop and mobilize resources for Higher Education development in the country; and
Promote programmes for sustainable collaboration between the higher education training institutions, industry and businesses.
This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.


Higher Education Development Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

Oversee and promote the development of higher education institutions under the Ministry;
Initiate and design the establishment of new higher education institutions taking into account the knowledge and skills needs in the country;
Promote and advocate for access, quality and equity in higher education and at affordable cost;
Coordinate Union matters on higher education;
Solicit, promote, strengthen and facilitate broader availability of local and overseas scholarships, loans and grants to higher education students and staff;
Support and facilitate the growth of meaningful students and staff welfare in higher education institutions;
Oversee and promote the welfare of Tanzania students abroad in liaison with Ministries responsible for Foreign and International Affairs;
Maintain and up-date a Register of foreign and regional scholarships and sponsorships;
Conduct tracer studies, prepare and up-date reports on the employability of graduates as well as skills sets and advise regulatory and professional bodies accordingly;
Advise on criteria, guidelines and procedures for higher education scholarships, grants and loans; and
Facilitate acquisition of resident permits for foreign lecturers, students and volunteers.
This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.